Hair Removal withOut skin Irritation

Hair Removal with Out skin Irritation

Unwanted hair removal is a permanent problem for women. Lily’s skin needs special care. Besides the fact that there is a substrate here, this part of the body is very sensitive.

Depression of the belly

Unwanted hair removal can be made available to any grocery store.


The curcum slows down the hair growth process. Mix 1 sq.m. Kurukma and 2 kk Milk. Apply the paste in the stomach, stop until it does not completely dry and then wash with warm water.

Lemon and sugar

Mix 2 cm Lemon juice and 1 cm Sugar. Apply the paste to the stomach and
Hang on for a few minutes. Then clean the wet cloth.

Eggs and corn flour

Mix 1 egg and 1,5 cm corn flour. Apply the mass in the stomach and hang on until it is completely unplugged. Then wash with warm water.

After one week of application from the given methods you will notice the results in 1 month – the hair will be significantly reduced and then disappear altogether.

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